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What are the appropriate language conventions of Texting?

Texting is famous for its use of informal language when communicating with the phone device. Usually text is used to communicate a friend or family member as opposed to email which is generally used to contact professionals, colleagues, employers or companies. It’s it’s own form of instant messaging which relies on purchased credit that you can either pay as you use or pay for an amount monthly. Another way of contacting people via text is something called iMessage which connects phones through the internet, this particular method is exclusive to apple phones.

Most people talk through text as they would in a conversation, for example if I needed to arrange plans through a friend instead of speaking to them on the phone I would text them but in the exact same way as I would talk. Here’s an example below:
This is a screenshot of me talking to my sister, as you can see I don’t have her real name as her phone contact which is something that a lot of people do, as an inside joke and for this assignment this is a good thing that her name isn’t on there. This is an example of me organising something with her and talking as I would in any normal conversation. It’s a very informal way of speaking to each other because most people would not speak to each other in complete sentences with correct literacy as you would with an employer.