Post 7 – Knowledge of web development

This whole assignment has been dedicated to learning web development on wordpress, gaining knowledge of the different aspects of this web page.

When you first log onto wordpress your page would look how it does below:

This isn’t the most convenient way to develop your web page because you need to have a dashboard with everything you need to change on it. To change this page to a dashboard you click on your web page box in the left hand corner that has your web address on it and your web page will come up:

After this pops up you can go to the URL, remove the https:// part of the address, go to the ed of the address and type in /wp-admin then press enter. This will then take you to a dashboard which will give you endless possibilities when developing your website and will look like this:

Now the main block of the screen isn’t the most important part of the page, it’s the dashboard on the left hand side:

These allow you to create posts, menus and categories for your website. It also allows you to change the appearance of your website, view comments and feedback, search users and many other selections.

I started my own website by creating menus and categories which my content will fit into, followed by creating the actual content and changing the appearance of my website to my specifications. I’ve also been exploring the many different aspects that go into creating a website and have documented this information throughout my website.



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