Post 4 – Creating a header

I created a header for my website using adobe illustrator. This took two attempts as my header was the wrong size the first time.

Attempt 1:

I went onto the adobe illustrator application and typed in the size I wanted for my header, 1280×600 and pressed ok.

This is what the page looked like, I started by going to the rectangle tool and chose a green/blue colour for the fill colour. I then dragged the rectangle over the banner until it was the entire colour. I then went to layers and locked the layer before creating a second layer.

I then went to text, raised the size up to 200 and chose a digital style text, after which typed out digicomstudent after my own website name.

I then saved the header as a PDF so I could upload it to my site.

Attempt 2:

For this second header/banner I did the exact same thing as the last attempt, except I decided to leave off the writing because I felt it looked tacky. I changed the header/banner size to 1200×500 because the first one was too big. I also changed the background to a gradient instead of a solid colour.


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