Top Level Domain

A. Domain name registration:

How to register:

To register to wordpress first you must go onto the wordpress page ( select sign up. It will then ask you to choose what type of start page you want for your website, whether it be a list of your latest posts, a grid or an online store). After you’ve chosen what you want you must pick a theme out of the ones available, however I left that to later and skipped ahead. Next you must pick a domain, this is what people will type in the browser to visit your site, for example mine is digicomstudent, it might take a while to find one that is already taken. You can then pick a plan, the free one is what I picked and it is a good one to work with as a student. The final step is to enter your email address, to choose a username and a password that you can remember. All of this is what I did to create my site.

How I registered:

Everything listed above is how I registered my account.

B. Hosting:

What is a host?

In website terms is the service of keeping and managing websites on a server.

Who is your web host?

WordPress is the web host for my website.




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