What are the appropriate language conventions of messaging?

Messaging is a service which allows you to communicate with other people as you would via text or email, but instant. Many social media platforms host a messaging service which you can use to contact others on said sight who you are friends with and even those you are not. Most of the time you would use informal language to communicate with because many people would use the service for personal and informal purposes.

For example Facebook is mainly used to communicate with your friends and loved ones via messenger which can be used on the internet on a computer or a phone using their messenger app. Messenger also allows you to attach things like photographs, links and videos to your chat for the other person to see, it appears the same as a comment as opposed to an email where it is attached to the message instead.

Messenger is very similar to text because it is instant as is the language. The screenshot to the left is what a messenger box on facebook would look like and as you can see the language is very informal. Slang is used in almost every message to one another, for example the term “Lol” which means laugh out loud is used her as well as “Sik” which is short for “Sick” which is slang for good, and “hol” which is short for “Holiday”. The sentences aren’t started as normal sentences would, sometimes you wouldn’t even start with hi or hello but with people you are close with you start with whatever you want, for example in the screenshot the person who I am talking to started with the word “Me” and attached a link to a photo, there’s no opening sentence or even word because It is so informal.


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