Email with screenshots:

Email is a system that electronically distributes messages from one computer to another via network. There are many different email services such as Outlook mail, Msn hotmail, Yahoo, and iCloud mail, but the one that I am currently using is gmail which is accessed through google.

Below is a screenshot of what your inbox page looks like on gmail:

Gmail has a bar on the left hand side next to all of your emails in your inbox, this bar is a menu which contains the different sections of your email account. These are starred which is the emails you select the star on to section off, Important which are where all your urgent messages are stored as well as your inbox, sent mail which is a record of everything you’ve sent to other people, drafts which are emails which you haven’t completed or sent or stored, circles which are email groups between you and more than one party, all mail which is all of your mail, spam which is mail sent automatically to multiple people’s mail from companies. At the very top of this bar is compose which has a red rectangular box surrounding it, which you click on to start an email.

To start an email you select compose and a box will appear in the right bottom corner of the screen:

You then type out the email of whom you wish to send the email to in the box that says “To” then what the email is about into the box below that says subject, this is to let the recipient know the subject of your email so that they read it:

On the bottom of the box is a bar which allows you to change the formatting options, send emojis, attach files or photos, attach links and finally trash the draft if need be. After your email is complete you press the blue box on the bottom left corner that says “send” to send the email.




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