Changing the appearance of my website

Its a lot easier to change the appearance of your blog once you have content which is why I left it until now to change it to what I wanted. I selected appearance, themes and went through a bunch of different themes (free ones of course) until I found one named Chateau that I liked that looked more like a website than a blog. I saved and published the new theme of the blog so I could customise it, adding a stock photograph as the header photo, I changed the name of the website and kept pretty much everything else as far as appearance because I liked what was already there. I then had to changed the theme to Twenty Thirteen because the previous one had the dates in large showing on each post and you couldn’t get rid of them, making it look like a blog. I chose a more minimalist colour scheme of white and pale lilac so that the writing would stand out more. I then chose a stock photograph of the ocean for now because it matched the colour scheme. The front that I used for the headings was called Playfair Display and the body text font was source code. Overall the look is very professional looking.


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